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  1. The Benefits of Local Produce in the Restaurants of St Louis

    November 20, 2012 by Guest Poster

    Fine dining is an art form that is cultivated through the atmosphere of the establishment and the quality of the food produced. To create the highest quality dishes, restaurants should only use the finest ingredients. Locally grown produce is much fresher than imported fruits and vegetables and is usually organic which means that the ingredients taste better and are more healthful to the customers. The enormous amount of farms in the St. Louis area almost outnumber the selection of fine dining restaurants.

    The farms that are near all of the restaurants in the area have the ability to provide these restaurants with extremely fresh and seasonal items. When restaurants base their menus on the fruits and vegetables that are in season, their dishes have a greater variety. The chefs are able to create more innovative dishes because they are inspired by the seasonal and local items around them. Changing the menu occasionally and featuring creative dishes is great for business because restaurant goers love to eat interesting foods.

    In addition to being fresher and encouraging creativity, using locally grown produce in restaurants is better for the environment. Local fruits and vegetables are usually grown on smaller family farms which use less energy and do not pollute the environment as much as commercial farms. This produce is also seasonal and seasonal produce is always better for the environment because no extra measures have to be taken to produce the ingredients in another season. Cooking with out-of-season produce leads to a higher amount of chemicals in the area as well as acts as a contributor to the greenhouse effect that causes global warming.

    Not only is local produce better for the environment, it is better for the St. Louis economy. By not outsourcing for fruits and vegetables to be delivered from other cities, states, or countries, the money spent on produce stays in the local economy. Local farmers who make more money have more to spend at other establishments around town and the dollars continue to circulate in the same city. When farmers are better paid, everyone has more to spend at fine dining restaurants, making winners out of everyone.

    St Louis Restaurants Using Local ProduceLocally grown produce is more healthful to its consumers. This is because fruits and vegetables grown in small farms are more likely to be organic which means that they are not filled with pesticides, harmful chemicals, or food additives. Studies have shown that pesticides and other chemicals interfere with the body’s natural hormones, causing many health problems such as obesity. When people eat great quality foods, they are happier and healthier and thus much more likely to spend their time out on the town, in restaurants and other businesses. Here is an example of a fine dining restaurant in St Louis Missouri that uses locally grown foods to promote the health and well being of their guests and the residents of the area.

    Restaurants can also benefit from other locally sourced foods, not just fruits and vegetables. Local meats and dairy as well as honey and other ingredients can be found close to home and incorporated into an extremely local fine dining menu. Meats that are raised on local farms are not fed hormones or other unnatural foods which results in a better tasting and much healthier product.

    The benefits of using locally grown produce in restaurants are numerous and varied. One of the biggest misconceptions of local foods that prevents many restaurants from investing in locally grown produce is that these items are more expensive than commercially produced fruits and vegetables. In reality, locally grown fruits and vegetables are not pricey at all and may even be cheaper than commercial ingredients. Restaurants can forge partnerships with local farms and receive their produce at a lower price. In return, restaurants site the name of the farm from where the ingredients were received to drive business to the local farms as well as promote a quality experience for diners.

  2. The UK demand for international food

    February 21, 2012 by Guest Poster

    In recent years, the UK consumer has become much more experimental in the types of food theyre prepared to buy and create at home. People are no longer prepared to only cook and create the dishes that have been passed down by their parents and are now experimenting with Mexican recipes, Caribbean food as its now in and cool to be seen to cook something different by your peers.

    Local markets in the UK are now not only selling the standard fruit and veg thats grown in the UK but a vast array of international fruit and vegetables to accommodate the hunger for this type of something different.

    The market stalls in even the smallest towns now contain ingredients from Jamaica, China, Vietnam, Mexico and Italy to name but a few.

    High profile television shows have showcased recipe creators and turned them into household names – and millionaires. Gone are the days of Delia Smith teaching you how to cook a roast chicken – instead there are recipes from all over the world using a vast array of ingredients and cooking techniques.

    Some say this explosion is from the cheap holidays that started to become available in the 1970s. These holidaymakers loved the food they ate when they were on holiday and wanted to eat it back at home.

    The UK high street has also played its part. A couple of decades ago, the high street only really catered for UK cuisine using UK based food. Now most high streets have restaurants that hail from pretty much every corner of the globe.

  3. What are the Top Five Pots and Pans Sets Under $250 on Amazon?

    December 14, 2011 by admin

    It is hard to select the top 5 pot sets under $250 because the data is gathered through client reviews and personalized opinions. However there is a fairly good selection that you can look at when making a purchase. Branding is often more important than the quality differences when determining the price. You should not assume that the most expensive pot is actually the most effective one.

    • The Tefal Expert Cookware Set: There are 5 pieces in this branded product. Although the authorities in the USA have expressed some concern about exposure, Tefal remains an important part of the household. The idea of a non-stick pan is evidently very attractive. You can buy them at $250 with significant discounts if they are used. The average rating for these is 4.6 stars out of 5 so clearly the consumers are pleased with their purchases.
    • The Circulon Steel Elite Stainless Steel Cookware Set: The name is a bit of a mouthful on this one. There are five basic items and the fact that you are using stainless steel means that you save on heat energy. They are built to last and can handle virtually anything. The price range can start as low as $150 and go right up to $350 depending on your negotiation skills. Out of 24 reviewers, the average rating was 4.4 stars out of 5. You may be missing the non-stick capabilities of Tefal.
    • The Meyer Select Advantage Non Stick-Set: There are 5 black pieces in this one with a price range of between $100 and $250. It is an affordable version of Tefal and that is why many consumers are rushing to get a piece of the action. The brand is stable rather than spectacular and therefore the low price is justified. 46 people decided to review this set and they awarded it an average 4.0 stars out of 5. Perhaps you may be looking for something basic but without the trappings of luxury.
    • The Circulon Infinite Hard Anodized Set: 5 pieces of technological prowess are included in this set. The anodized process is rather confusing because the benefits are not entirely clear. Of course the marketing teams will want to ensure that you perceive it as a real winner regardless of the science that is being explored. Meyer Circulon Infinite is known for fairly good utensils. The rating is very high at 4.7 stars out of 5. In fact 101 clients rushed to write glowing reviews of this item.
    • The plain set: When you compare the branded products with the rest, the price is the deal breaker. For example you may be able to pick up a set of aluminum pots for just $150 without incurring too much damage. However you will be missing out on the Tefal experience. Frying is a joy when you have the right utensils. There are many items within the category and it all depends on your priorities when making a selection. You may feel that style beats substance in all instances.